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Where can I find my tracking info?

Tracking information will be sent to you via an email once your order is packed. If you cannot find your email, it may be in your spam folder.

Are the Regulators, Tanks and Lines compatible?

All of our items are fitted with a US spec fitting. This means that all of our items are cross compatible. When buying items from other stores, ensure the fittings are not EU spec as this fitting is not compatible with ours.

What can I do if my Balystik regulator leaks from the hole above the logo?

Around 5% of Balystik regulators have a small leak from this hole but this does not effect the efficiency or reliability of the regulator. Simply follow the instructions in the link below and the issue should be resolved. This will not void warranty as it is an approved High Pressure Airsoft LTD fix that we allow prevent customers losing out on game days by sending it in. If you are unable/unwilling to perform this fix, we will still accept it as a return and fix it for you, the same applies if the fix does not work. Any parts such as the glass or gauge becoming damaged during this fix will not be covered under warranty though as these part do not require taking apart to perform the repair. 

I'm new to HPA. What do i need to know?


Your HPA tank will come with an O-ring already installed but we always advise keeping a minimum of 1 spare as they are easily damaged and not covered under warranty. If your regulator leaks from the very bottom hole, this is a sign your tank o-ring has perished. 
Your tank will also need testing regularly. You can find the dates needed on the side of the tank. If your tank is out of date, you may be refused service when you go to get it filled. 
We do not advise using the tank if it is damaged or out of date as this may cause injury.


Your HPA line will come in 1 of 2 sizes, 36” or 42”. Both line sizes come with lifetime warranty as long as there is no user error involved (such as running too high of a pressure). All lines are fitted with US specification fittings that cannot be changed. 


Your Balystik regulator will come with the main body, a foster coupler male and a reg key. 
To fit the coupler, first you will need enough PTFE tape on the threads to ensure a good seal. Once this is done, you can screw the fitting in by hand, then tighten it with a spanner the rest of the way. You will need to tighten the fitting using the nut closest to the threads on the fitting. Using the other nut will cause a snap between the two. This is not covered under warranty.
You will need to remove the regulator after every game day to stop the internal springs from weakening and your tank from leaking. You can leave the regulator set to the required pressure but be aware that when you take it off the tank, there will be a puff of air as the regulator depressurises.
If your regulator develops a leak from the small hole above the logo, please see our FAQ page for a video link on how to fix this. If this does not work or this is not the cause of the leak, please contact us for warranty.

I can't find my country at the checkout, how do I get international shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship internationally. 

I paid for a main line line with my order, Why don't I have it?

If you purchased an engine or weapon and clicked 36"/42" for the line size without purchasing the tank, line and regulator deal (TLR), you will not receive a main line. This is because the line size option is only applicable with the TLR option selected. The refund for this cannot be issued automatically but we will refund upon request.

Why can I no longer choose Royal Mail as a shipping option? 

Unfortunately, we no longer offer Royal Mail as a shipping option due to unpopularity. We apologise for any inconveniences caused as a result.